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Incorporated 1855
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Public NoticesTown of Franklin, NC

The 2009 General Assembly enacted S.L. 2009-350 (H 81) which amended the notice requirements set out in the open meetings laws.

In general the amendments require public bodies that maintain webpages to post notice of regular, special and recessed meetings on those sites. In addition, the amendments clarify the requirements for posted and mailed notice of special meetings and for notice of emergency meetings.

Public notice must also be given when land use planning is involved. For example, public notices must be given for public hearings involving Land Use, budgetary process, amendments to the Unified Development Ordinance and Town Ordinances.

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Franklin NC
Town Council 2021 Regular Meeting Schedule

All meetings are held in the Town Hall Board Room at 95 East Main Street. All regular meetings begin at 6:00 p.m.

Monday, January 4th
Monday Feburary 1st
Monday, March 1st
Monday, April 5th
Monday, May 3rd
Monday, June 7th
Tuesday, July 6th
Monday, August 2nd
Tuesday, September 7th
Monday, October 4th
Monday, November 1st
Monday, December 6th

public information town franklin nc holiday schedule

Town of Franklin
Holiday SCHEDULEOffices closed the following dates

Friday - January 01, 2021

Monday - January 18, 2021

Friday - April 02, 2021

Monday - May 31, 2021

Monday - July 05, 2021

Monday - September 06, 2021

Thursday - November 11, 2021

Thursday & Friday
November 25 & 26, 2021

Thursday, Friday & Monday
December 23, 24 & 27, 2021


RFP - Town of Franklin Accepting Sealed Proposals for Diesel Powered Heavy Duty Air Street Sweeper (1)

The Town of Franklin will receive sealed proposals for the following:

Proposals will be received at the Town of Franklin, Town Hall, 95 East Main Street, Franklin, NC until 9:00AM on Monday, February 1st, 2021. If proposals are mailed via the U. S. Postal Service regular mail, they must be addressed to the Town of Franklin, P. O. Box 1479, Franklin, NC 28744. This mail is picked up by the Town. However, Drop-Off, Express Mail One Day Service, Federal Express, United Parcel Service (UPS), etc. must be delivered / sent to the Town of Franklin Town Hall, 95 East Main Street, Franklin, NC 28744. Fax or emailed bids will not be accepted. It shall be the bidders' responsibility to determine their method of transmittal such that their bids will arrive in the Town's office prior to the scheduled bid opening. The Town cannot waive or excuse late receipt of a proposal which is delayed and late for any reason. Late submissions will not be accepted and will remain unopened. Any proposal received after the proposal opening date and time will be immediately disqualified in accordance with applicable law and administrative rules and regulations applicable to the Town. Changes to the Request for Proposal may be posted at any time to our website under the Town Government Public Notices tab. It is the Vendors responsibility to check the website. Any addendum issued must be signed and submitted with your RFP.

All proposals must be enclosed in a sealed envelope. The outside of the envelope must include the name and address of the proposer and clearly marked as follows:

ATTN: Nathanael Moore, Public Works Director

RFP: Diesel Powered Heavy Duty Regenerative Air Street Sweeper (1)

Bid Opening Date: 2/1/2021

The Town of Franklin reserves the right to reject any and/or all proposals.




We are required to monitor your drinking water for specific contaminants on a regular basis. Resulfs of regular
monitoring are an indicator of whether or not our drtnking water meefs heatth standards. During the compliance
period specified in the download below, we (did not monitor or test' or 'did not complete all monitoring or testingf for
the contaminants listd and therefore cannot be sure of the quality of your drinking water during that time.

No action on your part is needed at this time.

» Download Full PDF Document

Macon County Comprehensive Transportation Plan Survey

Your input is requested for the new Macon County Comprehensive Transportation Plan. Please click the link below to take the survey. If you have any questions , please contact, Justin Setser, Town Planner, at 828-524-2516.

» Macon County Comprehensive Transportation Plan Survey

Town of Franklin Hires New Fire Chief

The Town of Franklin is pleased to announced the hiring of its newest Fire Chief, Benjamin Ormond. Ormond began his career in eastern North Carolina with the Pactolus volunteer Fire Department in Pitt County. As a second-generation firefighter, he transitioned to municipal firefighting with the City of Greenville where he also worked as a paramedic and was a founding member of the NC Task Force 10 USAR Team. For the last 16 years of his career his work has spanned the globe with various contract firefighting jobs in locations like lraq, an international airport and an industrial facility in the us, and Diego Garcia located in the British lndian Ocean Territory where he served as Fire Chief for the US Naval Support Facility.

"I have been blessed with a wonderful career that has allowed me to travel the world, and now I am excited to return home to North Carolina. lt is my true honor to be selected as the Town of Franklin's next fire chief," said Chief Ormond. "Franklin Fire and Rescue has a rich history in delivering high quality service to the community for over 100 years. I look forward to being a part of this outstanding department and the town's leadership team."

Ormond has a Masters in Emergency Services Management and a Bachelors in Fire Science. He is also certified as a fire officer lV, fire instructor lll, fire inspector ll, and many other fire rescue related specialties. Most recently he obtained his credentials as a Chief Fire Officer (CFO) and member of the lnstitution of Fire Engineers (MlFireE).

"Many well qualified applicants showed interest in the position, both locally and from afar," Town Manager Summer Woodard said. "After careful consideration of the merits each applicant brought to the position and the needs of the fire department, Ormond was chosen to take on the role and to lead the department forward."

The Town of Franklin announced a search for Fire Chief in August when Chief Matthew Breedlove resigned from the position. A committee consisting of fire department members, town staff, and fire liaison and Town Council Member Dinah Mashburn spent countless hours reviewing applications, arranging interviews, and organizing meet and greets with applicants and Fire Department staff.

"lt was an honor for me to be involved in the selection process of the fire chief position for the Franklin Fire Department, and during those interviews we spoke to several great candidates," Mashburn said of the process. "Franklin Fire Department is a combination ofvolunteers and paid employees. lt was very important for the search committee to select a new chief who understood the value that both the volunteers and paid staff bring to the Franklin Fire Department. we felt that chief ormond understood that value, and that he brought many other attributes to the job".

Chief Ormond's first day at Franklin Fire Department will be on January 4, 2021.

Hazard Mitigation Plan Survey

Macon and Clay Counties, the Towns of Franklin, Hayesville and Highlands, along with other participating stakeholders, are now working to update the region’s multi-jurisdictional Hazard Mitigation Plan. The purpose of this Plan is to identify and assess our community’s natural hazard risks and determine how to best minimize or manage those risks. Upon completion, the Plan will represent a comprehensive multi-jurisdictional Hazard Mitigation Plan for the two-county region.

This survey questionnaire provides an opportunity for you to share your opinions and participate in the mitigation planning process. The information you provide will help us better understand your hazard concerns and can lead to mitigation activities that should help lessen the impact of future hazard events. Click here to participate in the survey

Franklin TDA (Tourism Development Authority) Monthly Meetings

Notice is hereby given that the regularly scheduled meeting for the Franklin Tourism Development Authority (TDA) is held monthly, on the second Monday in the Town Hall Boardroom, 95 East Main Street, Franklin, NC, beginning at 5:30pm. Dates for 2020 are as follows ...

Monday, January 14th
Monday, February 11th
Monday, March 11th
Monday, April 8th
Monday May 13th
Monday, June 10th
Monday, July 8th
Monday, August 12th
Monday, September 9th
Monday, October 14th
Tuesday, November 12th
Monday, December 9th

Town of Franklin Tourism Development Authority Vacancies

Notice is hereby given that the Town of Franklin is now accepting applications for two (2) vacancies on the Tourism Development Authority Board. The two (2) vacancies are for a business directly involved with the collection of rental property occupancy tax. Applications can be picked up at the Town Hall office located at 95 East Main Street, Franklin NC 28734. » Download Application (PDF)

Town Planning Board/Board of Adjustment Vacancies

The Town of Franklin is currently seeking to fill one vacancy on the Town Planning Board/Board of Adjustment. The Town is looking for an alternate ETJ resident to serve as a representative on this board that serves on both the Planning board and the Board of Adjustment. The Board of Adjustment meets the 2nd Monday of every month at 4:00 p.m. and the Planning Board meets the 3rd Monday of every month at 4:00 p.m. The meetings are held in the Town Hall Board Room. A time commitment of approximately 2 hours a month is necessary. A resume and current address is required. For more information or to express an interest in serving on the board, please contact Town Planner, Justin Setser at (828) 524-2516.

Reserving Town Facilities & Requesting Street Closures

The Town of Franklin, NC receives many requests to reserve Memorial Park and the Gazebo on the Square for special events.

To reserve Memorial Park » Click Here
To reserve the Gazebo on the Square click here to » Download Gazebo Reservation Form (PDF Format)

Some events require street closures. All street closings must be presented to the Town Council for approval. All requests must be submitted to the Town Manager one week prior to the scheduled Town Council meeting. The Franklin Town Council meets the first Monday of each month at 7:00 p.m. in the Town Hall Boardroom located at 95 East Main Street, Franklin, NC 28734.

To request a road closure for a special event click here to » Download Road Closure Request Form (PDF Format)